The largest dance festival
in the central part of japan

Nippon Domannaka Festival

Nippon Domannaka Matsuri: outline

1. Date

Thu, Aug 23 2018 Campus Battle

Fri, Aug 24 2018 Festival eve

Sat, Aug 25 2018 Day 1: Junior dance contest

Sun, Aug 26 2018 Day 2: Final contest

2. Organizer

Nippon Domannaka Festival Cultural Foundation (the Organization Committee is set up within the foundation) Organization Committee: Aichi Prefectural Office, Nagoya City, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chubu Economic Federation, newspaper companies, TV networks, radio stations, and other organizations

3. Participants

210dance teams

4. Venue

23 venues including Hisaya Odori Koen Park in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

* Hisaya Odori Koen Park (Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi)

This park is located the center of Nagoya, extending north-south for 2 km in the broad median of Hisaya Odori Avenue. It is a city oasis, centered on Nagoya TV Tower and with water fountains and commemorative monuments from sister/friendship cities among rows of camphor trees (the city tree of Nagoya). The main stage of Domatsuri is set up at Hisaya Hiroba in the park.


1-minute walk from Yabacho station (Exits 5 and 6), Meijo subway line 3-minute walk from Sakae station (Exit 15), Higashiyama and Meijo subway lines