The largest dance festival
in the central part of japan

Nippon Domannaka Festival

Domatsuri to the world!

The “Domatsuri caravan team” is organized to promote Nippon Domannaka Matsuri throughout the year. The caravan team carries out activities all over the world to help people experience the joy of the festival, which can be difficult to communicate through visual images alone. We train our caravan team so that it can express the fun, excitement, and power of the festival by performing in front of audiences, and urge local people form their own teams and join Domatsuri.

Our goal is to develop Domatsuri not only as a festival of Nagoya, Japan but as a major festival in Japan and the world. To achieve this, we try to make Domatsuri an event that will take root in the hearts of everyone, regardless of generation, sex, or nationality.

In addition to Japanese dance teams, teams from other countries also participate in the festival. We have hosted groups from Los Angeles, Saipan, and Pusan, South Korea. We are also engaged in exchanges with groups in Beijing. Our caravan team uses this international charm to appeal to people around the world.

The festival offers participants an opportunity to look back at their history and cultural heritage, and treasure the communities where they are from. Exchanges between people as they participate in Domatsuri encourage communications and stimulate activities in local communities, as well as international exchanges. The first step in this is to organize local dance teams to participate in the festival. Our caravan team visits local communities to bring the energy, power, and enjoyment of Domatsuri to communities around the world.

Our next destination may be your own home town. Why don’t you join us and experience the fun of Domatsuri? If you are interested in participating in the festival, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival!